Colposcopy & Hysteroscopy

Market leading Colposcopy Patient Management and Audit System. Integrated with Hospital PAS for demographics; examinaion details entered live in-clinic, including digital imaging, if required; automated generation of KC65s and other QA statistics; failsafe lists.


Web-based version of the CompuScope Oncology system. All the benefits of CompuScope Oncology but running in a web browser with a cloud backend database, and expandable to manage other cancer types depending on your speciality.


Self-test application for checking your vision. Tests include Static and Dynamic Stereo vision (needs Red/Green glasses); Amsler grid, Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity charts. Your tests results are emailed to you for discussing with your Optometrist.


Fully customisable chatbot, which uses AI technology, that can be easily to your company web-site. Authorised staff can monitor chats in real time, taking over from the chatbot if deemed necessary, and examine chat logs and summaries of chats.